Skin ColorCustomize Your Eve

All New Eve dolls have TPE skin which has a very long lifespan, total safety for human contact, no lasting odor or taste, and a low risk of tearing. Compared with existing silicone rubber products, TPE dolls are softer to the touch and have more realistic “jiggling” of body parts (breasts, butts, etc). Moreover, this material is more elastic which allows the dolls to be more flexible at their joints, giving New Eve dolls a special hi-realism touch. We offer the following standard skin tones for your choice.  

 1、Fair color               2、Light Tan color.


Customize Your Eve

Eye ColorCustomize Your Eve

All of our eyes are hand made in our studio. Our super crafters endow the dolls’ eyes with ultimate realistic features that rival real people’s. Customize your Eve’s eyes  form the following charming colors.

1、Black           2、Brown          3、Blue

Customize Your Eve

Nail ColorCustomize Your Eve

Choose the nail color to give your Eve more detailed womanliness.

1、Nude      2、Pink


Customize Your Eve


Standing or Not StandingCustomize Your Eve

All New Eve dolls come standard as non-stand. We can also offer Standing Feet if you want.

1、Not Standing Feet                     2、Standing Feet 


Customize Your Eve

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